The Art of Grieving

Creating Space for Healing and Hope
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 What is grief, if not love pursuing and having no place to go?

In this course you will walk through various practices and ways to approach your grief and your loss. When the waves of sadness and sorrow come, it can be hard to know what to do. This course is designed to give you tools and opportunities to express, explore, and process your grief.

Lesson 1

Thank you for investing in your grief journey. These days and nights can seem impossible, but it is my prayer that through this course you will find hope and relief. You are not alone in this. Thank you for allowing me to play a small part in your journey. 

Lesson 2

In this lesson we will explore how grief impacts us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We will look at the various experiences of grief while also reviewing the various signs and symptoms. In this lesson we will build our understanding of grief in hopes that it will help you build and define your grief journey. 

Lesson 3

In this lesson we will unpack your own grief. So often in our culture it is unusual to have time or even space to pause and think of what you are experiencing. This lesson is set to help you take the time to think on your grief, your love, and your life as it is now. 

Lesson 4


In this lesson we will continue to grow and define your grief journey as you build it. We will work through various practices to help you process and stay grounded within your grief. These practices are vital for creating the space your grief deserves. 

After 15 years in ministry and 6 years as a Mental Health Coach I have worked with many individuals who are struggling to grieve.

This course was designed to give you steps, clarity, and understanding about your grief and the journey you are on.

In 2014 my husband and I lost our son and I can remember being crushed by the weight of my sorrow and feeling lost in this new experience. Up to that point, I had never experienced death and never walked through grief. In fact, when our son died, no one sat us down and talked about our grief or even helped us identify the grief we were experiencing. Like many others I felt that my grief wasn’t welcome. My experience seemed to be “too much” for others to be around. For months my husband and I stumbled through our grief, slowly disconnecting from each other and slowly fading under the weight of our loss.

In fact, my grief took a turn and led me into a dark season where I decided that killing myself was the answer to escaping the pain I was feeling. I’d like to tell you that after my suicide attempt I found help and support and was able to heal. But it only added more complexities to my current complex grief. It took me 5 years until I finally found ways to make space and peace with my grief. I have taken what I have learned and created this mini-course so that you too can form space for your grief and discover healing in your life. I am so sorry for your loss, and I wish it wasn’t this way. But I pray this course helps you find hope and develop ways to honor your grief and your loss. 

This Is just what I need

"Working with Avrey gave me the strength I needed to take some action steps in my life! I am so glad I invested in myself and in my future.”

“This course helped me to feel seen and heard in a time where I felt like no one understood or cared. I gained so much support and it helped me through some difficult times. I still go back to the course when I need it."

“I would go to bed and wake up gripped with anxiety. I had pains in my chest and could not control my endless toxic thoughts. I was overwhelmed and no matter what I tried I could not find peace or find freedom from my anxiety. Working through my grief and understanding how it was impacting my body helped me to feel empowered."