Hey there, i'm Avrey.

My mission is to narrow the mental health education gap by equipping minds with the tools they need to foster resilience, and ultimately, kindle the flame of hope."

Just like you I set out in ministry to help...and just like you I found myself burnout.

After  nearly walking away from ministry...

I dove deep into developing a better understanding of mental health and exactly how ministry impacts us mentally and emotionally. 

For me, it's always been about YOU. I don't want any ministry leader to experience burnout, compassion fatigue, or go through unnecessary pain. So I set out to build a training program that would actually provide results and change lives. I don't believe God ever intended for any of us to live this way and in this pace. 

I became a board certified mental health coach and earned my masters in Biblical Studies. After arming myself with knowledge, I developed training that has depth and possibility. And now it's available for you too! 

Through my trials and triumphs, I've come to understand that true leadership emanates from a place of health and self-awareness. 

It's time.

It's time to take your life back, feel good about your role in ministry, and build resiliency that will ensure your mental and emotional health along the way.

Ministry can be amazing...

When I first started in Ministry, it was filled with... 

  • Rush and Excitement!
  • The thrill of being part of something bigger than myself.
  • Seeing lives changed!
  • Developing ministries that mattered.
  • Experiencing God's beauty in the lives of others.

but then it seemed like everything changed...

And my health and family took a turn for the worse...

  • The rush turned into hurry and a crammed schedule.
  • The vision was accomplished at the expense of my health and needs.
  • I saw people transforming and healing, and yet my marriage, health, and relationships were strained.
  • The ministry needs began to grow well outside my 40 hour requirement...60-70 hours work weeks became the norm.
  • Slowly I stopped seeing God and only saw endless work and tasks.

can you relate?

So I made a choice...

▶︎ I sought out a professional counselor who could help me make sense of my mess.

▶︎ I began finding a hobby and engaging with more things outside of my work.

▶︎ I rested. I took Sabbath seriously, gave myself permission to be still, to move slow, and meet God in the quiet places.

▶︎ I learned about boundaries and began setting them in my professional and personal life.

And after years of healing, resting, and reshaping my life, i've designed a course to help you do the same. 

This course makes it easy. Because ministry and life don't have to be this hard.

Change Everything Today →
I've taken my experience, years of training and research, feedback from hundreds of students, and proven results to bring you...

All The Tools You Need To Create Resilient Rhythms

Sacred Roots was formed after I recognized a gap between the demands of ministry and the training provided to assist ministry leaders with these demands. It was important to me that my training addressed the mental, emotional, and spiritual decline of ministry leaders. 

I asked the hard questions and took the time to find the answers.

-How did we get here?

-Why does it seem like we are all struggling at some level?

-Why isn't anyone developing training to help us with this?


Not Your Typical Training...

I set out to make training that not only provided information about what was happening in your life, but insights on how you may have gotten there and practical steps to get you to where you want to be. 


In my research I found that my experience with burnout in ministry was the norm.

Does this sound familiar?

  • 90% feel fatigued and worn out each week.
  • Seminary Trained leaders last an average of 5 years.
  • 90% of leaders work 55-75 hrs/week.
  • 70% constantly fight depression.
  • 80% feel ministry has negatively affected their families. 
  • 77% feel they do not have a good marriage.
  • 90% feel that have not received adequate training to meet the demands of ministry.
  • 44% do not take a regular day off.


Don't Be A Statistic

Dont continue to escape the life you have... Build a life you love.

There is hope:


With a campus of over 3000 people, she learned to set the right boundaries so she could continue her work and be available to her campus, her family, and herself. 


As a new pastor in training, Trudy dove head first into the courses and applied her new skills to her life and ministry. As a young pastor she had the advantage of establishing healthy rhythms right away! 


After years of pastoring, Jerry was reminded of so many valuable lessons and practices that had slowly slipped away over the years. Being a pastor can be lonely, but when Jerry engaged with our training he was empowered to build many levels of support in his life so he wasn't alone in his ministry.