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Mental Health Coaching

Let's work together to discover your peace.

Hope and Healing are Possible.

I want to see my clients build in their courage and resiliency, establishing the self-compassion and kindness that will help them discover the ultimate truth, that they are loved, of value, and are worth fighting for. I’m here to help with the fears, anxieties, dysfunctions, and complexities that keep you from walking into the fullness of who you are. I will be there to guide, hold space, and encourage you as you do the work to embrace wholeness and health.  


 Mental Health Coaching

When it comes to the harder and more painful parts of life, having someone there can make all the difference. These coaching sessions can help people who are dealing with chronic illness, anxiety, depression, burnout, trauma and crisis, grief, life transitions, and much more. Everyone’s journey and story are worn differently. I use various techniques, education on our mind-body connection, and strategic coaching to help people find their own way to wholeness. You do not have to do this alone; I am here to help.  

Create Stability 

Whether we find solutions or build the courage to accept things as they are, your sessions will help you create sustainable life rhythms that help you live in peace. Stability will help empower you and the way you approach the difficult and painful parts of your life.  

Capture Clarity 

All too often life can leave us confused, frustrated, and stuck. Within your sessions we will work to create a clear and open space for you to explore and uncover what you may not be able to find on your own. This clarity will help guide you and make a way for you. 

Discover Support 

You can do this, and I am here to help. Working together will provide you with someone who encourages you, believes in you, and sees you. You will not be alone as you lean in and find the healing that you deserve 

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Here's what you can expect...

Hear What Clients Have to Say

“Avrey helped me to feel seen and heard in a time where I felt like no one understood or cared. Her support got me through some difficult times and her encouragement still carries me today.”

"When I met Avrey I was in the thick of my grief. I could barely get out of bed, but I knew I needed a change. I didn’t want to feel this way or get stuck in my grief. Avrey met me in those darker days, she cared for me and helped me to understand what grief truly is. Her sessions and her guidance helped reframe my entire experience and it helped me to find healing.”

"I would go to bed and wake up gripped with anxiety. I had pains in my chest and could not control my endless toxic thoughts. I was overwhelmed and no matter what I tried I could not find peace or find freedom from my anxiety. Working with Avrey helped me in so many ways. In each session she reminded me of my value, validated that I wasn’t crazy (although I felt like it!), and she help me see that my anxiety was trying to tell me something. Her sessions helped me get to the core problem, and we found solutions to help me feel more stable and relaxed. My anxiety has gone down significantly since working with Avrey. And I feel empowered and in-tune to my body and its needs.”

“After being diagnosed with my chronic illness I struggled to accept my life as it now was. I was depressed and I felt trapped in a body that wouldn’t listen to what I needed or what I wanted. I began to hate my body and I was angry with God for not healing me. But when I began to work with Avrey I suddenly began to see things differently. She helped me to grow in my ability to hold the reality of my pain, but also embrace the hope for what can happen. Our sessions were so refreshing to me, I couldn’t wait to see her each week and catch her up on what I had been feeling or working on. She taught me to be strong in a new way, one that honors myself and my experience.”